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Welcome to Just DNCE!

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Updates on our favorite Jonas & your new favorite band, DNCE!
Welcome to JUSTDNCE, a strictly Joe Jonas & his new band DNCE fan community! Please read our rules before you join.

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*Membership is moderated. Please give us some adequate time to accept your membership.

*All posts are to remain unlocked. If Joe/someone from his team etc happens to stumble across our site, we want them to see positive feedback, because as most of us know, he does not get a lot of positivity in a lot of other gossip sites. If you feel like your post needs to be locked for a certain reason, contact one of the mods.

*This is a strictly Joe/DNCE community. Meaning only news about Joe & the members of DNCE, not his brothers. Of course, if there is news/candids etc that have to do with Joe and his brothers, that will be accepted.

*Any big pictures need to be put under an LJ cut (http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75). If you are unsure of how to make an LJ cut, dont worry, post it the best you can and we will help you fix it. You also need to add sources (the website link you found the article/pictures/whatever)to your posts.

*No personal attacks. Its fine to disagree and state opinions, its not okay to personally insult people. Do not take it to personal journals, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring etc.

*This is a FAN community. If you hate Joe/DNCE, great, good for you, there's tons of other sites out there for you to join. Dont bother submitting membership.

*There is to be NO Joe/DNCE bashing. I'm completely serious about this. This is a support community for Joe/DNCE and a safe place for his fans. Its fine to poke a little fun, but I think we all know the difference is. If we see any serious Joe/DNCE bashing, you are banned. Period.

*No trolling please. Its not funny.

Have fun! We are always looking for ways to improve our community, so give us any ideas you have :)

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